My friends at Cirrus Data continue to CRUSH it in the data management space. Their latest release, called Data Galaxy Complete, takes data migration to amazing new levels. Recently, they’ve been working on a complementary solution and demo that will be presented as part of the upcoming Microsoft Azure Storage Days event on April 29.

CLOUD is the answer to many customers’ IT demands.  One universal challenge is getting customer data to the cloud.  There are many file-based solutions, but very few block solutions in the market today.  Cirrus has adapted its patented, industry-leading on-premises migration solution to this problem.

What this means for customers is:

  • Migrate block data while in use, without disruption
    • From on-site to the cloud
    • From cloud-to-cloud
    • From tier-to-tier in the cloud
  • Little to no downtime to complete transition when switching between storage locations
  • Data reduction in transit to speed the transfer and lower costs
  • Full encryption between locations ensuring data security

Customers are not alone in seeing the value of removing friction in data movement. To my colleagues who are focused on Azure management, I say you need to be there. Please register here: